Emerging Mechanical Construction Company



ClientM/s Reliance Industries Limited
ProjectField Mechanical Works and Other Allied Services for Package-3 at IIR-Plant,RIL Jamnagar
ValueSingle Order of more than 800 lacs
Scope Of WorkFabrication & Erection of Piping, Structures & Equipment at ISBL – AC, FA, FB, FC & FD Area, RIL
ClientM/s Reliance Industries Limited.
ProjectCompressor & Heavy Lift Piping, Gasifier area, PCG, Jamnagar
ValueSingle Order of 228 lacs
ScopePiping works for Compressors 210,220 & 230 at Gasifier Area, DTA PCG, RIL J3, Jamnagar.
ClientM/s Reliance Industries Limited
ProjectGovoni's Package (Pneumatic Conveying)-LLDPE Unit, Jamnagar
ValueSingle Order of 328 lacs
ScopeAG Piping works of GOVONI's Package (Pneumatic Conveying) at LLDPE Unit , C2 Complex, RIL J3, Jamnagar.
ClientM/s Reliance Industries Limited
ProjectJ3 PX4 Train III AG Piping works , Jamnagar
ValueSingle Order of 546 lacs
ScopeFabrication & Erection of Piping,Structures & Equipments at PX4 area for Crystallization Train III, Jamnagar
ClientM/s Reliance Industries Limited
ProjectPneumatic Conveying System - C2 Complex, Jamnagar
ValueSingle Order of 471 lacs
ScopeErection of AG piping & Equipments at C2 Complex, Jamnagar
ClientM/s Reliance Industries Limited
ProjectRIL J3 Project - PFS 2, Jamnagar
ValueMultiple Orders of 1556 lacs
ScopeManpower Supply for Fabrication of Spools for various projects at Pipe Fabrication Shop, RIL Jamnagar